Hi, I´m Isabella! I´m an Argentinian food engineer and food writer.
Like most of you, I´m passionate about food and in this site, I will share with you stories about food with a cultural and more scientific approach.

I´ve specialized in the valorisation of food products and rural development with a Master in Food Identity.

During my studies, I´ve travelled for ten years all across Europe, where I´ve learnt about the gastronomy of each country that I´ve visited, the culture and identity of each territory that developed with those food products.

I am most interested in how every territory with simply raw material, a population, know-how and a history generates a UNIQUE product that is called traditional product or a terroir product can truly make a difference in a meal.

I always enjoyed the local products that nature offers in each place at each momento and I had the chance to work in many research projects where I learned all about food production and how the enterprises manage to sell a product that has no value. This is why I decided to write about it.

My main goal is to share with you everything I discovered. Traditional food can be fun, healthy and delicious!

I want you to travel through your kitchen and dig in with me through this adventure.

All the best,

The Traditional Foodie