Would you like to travel with me?

I invite you to travel through the flavours and aromas of the best traditional food recipes.

Imagine that you are getting on a plane and travelling to Italy, eagerly waiting to try the food of the destination country: pizza, pasta, coffee, cheese and cocktails.

In every place I visit I like to take some typical dishes with me in my heart and in my palate.

So since I decided to make this website I made a promise to myself: ‘All the recipes you will find here are traditional recipes’.

They are the result of much reading and personal research until you find the classic recipe for each product.

Why do I want each recipe to be the traditional one?

So that you know that what you are cooking is exactly the same as the one you are going to try in the original country and that if you miss that country a lot, by trying that food you can recover a little bit from the nostalgia that floods you.

Original and traditional recipes are not fast food. On the contrary, they are part of the Slow Food movement. Slow food is more elaborated, it takes more time, more patience, it invites us to enjoy the process of making it as much as eating it.

By this I mean that traditional food, and the most delicious food, takes longer to cook. Take it as a trip, we pack the suitcase, you leave your house, you go to the airport or train station, you travel, you arrive. At the same time and in parallel at your home you are putting together the recipe, you cut or prepare the ingredients for cooking, the cooking takes some time.

Traditional food is a journey, and as the character in the film ‘Into the wild‘ (2007) says about travelling: ‘happiness is only real when it is shared’. Applying this concept to recipes, we must cook traditional recipes for the others. It is not by chance that the amounts of the ingredients are for several people.

The food must be shared, it connects us. It is the first demonstration of love we receive. Also, we spend 3.66 years in life eating and probably the most we share in our lifetime.

So if you make these recipes, imagine that you are sharing a good dish in a restaurant, traveling.

And, for the experience to be complete, each recipe with its history, must be part of the ritual.

So that each of the diners will take away not only the taste on the palate, but also a good story to share.

Here are my latest recipes…